Throwback Thursday Facebook, Google Plus status trend

Throwback Thursday is the top status trend at the moment on Facebook and Google plus, and many social media users will probably be seeing these hashtags -#‎tbt and #‎throwbackthursday – So what is it all about then?

The name Throwback Thursday is all based around a social media day (In this case Thursday) when people would reminisce about the old days with messages and photos etc.

Social networkers could put photos up of something or themselves as their status that happen in the past, being it just the other day or many years ago – It is all about what people did in the day.

Many other sites such as Twitter, Instagram and even Tumblr will see photos with the hashtags tbc and throwbackthursday, and just so you know there are no limitations.

#TBT, #ThrowbackThursday or #Throwback seems to be a massive trend at the moment, if you visit Facebook here you will see many status messages with photos.

Over on Google plus #ThrowbackThursday is in the top 10 trends, if you add a photo or message it is highly recommended you also use the hashatag ‘#ThrowbackThursday’ and this will get you much more exposure.

This is a massive trend on many social networks, so get in on the act right now and join the ‘Throwback Thursday’ mayhem.

Throwback Thursday Facebook, Google Plus status trend