Google plus photos limit size explained

So many Google Plus users have asked this question, “What is the Google Plus photo limit size?” We thought G+ users would have known this, but we will explain a little about it and hopefully it will answer your question.

When Google Plus first release the Auto Backup feature, which was available for photos on Google+ was 5GB, but now it is 15GB and totally free.

Having 15GB of free storage is great, but the Google Plus photos limit size is 2048×2048 pixels, anything bigger than this will start using your storage so be careful. Anything smaller than 2048×2048 is free, which is very good indeed.

If you do decide you want to put larger photos on Google Plus you will start eating into your 15GB Google Drive storage, if this does turn out to be the case you can buy more storage.

The Google Drive storage options include: 15 GB FREE, 100 GB $4.99/month, the rest are all per months – 200 GB $9.99, 400 GB $19.99, 1 TB $49.99, 2 TB $99.99, 4 TB $199.99, 8 TB $399.99 and 16 TB $799.99.

To be honest I cannot see many people going over the free 15GB to upload photos on Google Plus, I have only used 0.04 GB (0.27%) out of my 15GB on my personal Google Plus.

How much storage have you used so far on Google Plus?

Google plus photos limit size explained