Jimmy Fallon Twitter hashtag 2 game video

The first Jimmy Fallon hashtag epic video was with Justin Timberlake and that was so funny we actually had tears in our eyes with laughter, now Jimmy has teamed up with Jonah Hill in #Hashtag 2 game video.

The hashtag conversation between Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill is brilliant, the video also shows a cameo of Martin Scorsese too saying its all been done before – love it.

As we all know the hashtag is used so much over on Twitter and Jimmy Fallon is really over doing it with the hashtag chats, stupid but yet genius.

Both Fallon and Hill sit on the sofa and just have a general chat, drinking a cup of tea like old friends do. The Twitter hashtag exchange is of pure brilliance, especially when Jimmy Fallon’s Harry Potter hashtag part came into play, so funny and a good impression to boot, then both Jonah Hill start singing the #moneyonmymind tune.

What the hashtag 2 epic game video below, please do post your comments as would love to know what you think of it.

Justin Timberlake vs Jonah Hill, what hashtag video do you prefer?

Jimmy Fallon Twitter hashtag 2 game video