Block LinkedIn user update, even a stalker

At last, LinkedIn users can now block the dreaded things they no longer want to see. LinkedIn users now have the ability to block spammers, ex partners, unwanted social climbers and many more, if any of the above continue to message you and look at your profile then blocking will be for you.

This new feature has been put into place because members requested it; LinkedIn said it was the right thing to do.

You can visit this LinkedIn help center page that explains more in detail, it is as simple as clicking on the “Block or report” on someone’s profile and once you have done this the connection between you and them will be cut, which means you and the other party cannot message each other.

User will NOT be notified when blocked, many social networks such as Facebook already offer this sort of feature.

There are stalkers out there on social networks, and now with this new Block a user feature on LinkedIn you can stop these stalkers following you. This will certainly stop users worrying about being pestered.

Are you using the new ‘Blocking or Unblocking a Member’ feature on LinkedIn?

Block LinkedIn user update, even a stalker