Facebook, Twitter responsibility for NekNomination warning messages

When it comes to NekNomination deaths it has been reported that up to 5 people have died, this is a very stupid game where social media users are challenged to drinking alcohol in a different way.

After the drinking game was released the Local Government Association (LGA) has said they would like both Facebook and Twitter to show clear and prominent messages highlighting the dangers of this drinking craze.

Social networking sites should according to LGA warn its users, NekNomination is a stupid game where partakers choose their drink, which could be anything, and then they record themselves on video and then upload it, then they challenge other people.

20-year-old Bradley Eames from Nottingham sadly lost his life after drinking two pints of gin, this has prompted around 400 councils in England and Wales who are part of the LGA to show warning messages in schools being it in the assembly as well as notice boards, other councils are launching internet safety campaigns.

Many will agree that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter should extend warnings, show users that this is a stupid and very dangerous game that should not be played. It has been said that social media operators have a responsibility to provide health warnings to user groups and individuals.

Do you think Facebook and Twitter should be responsible for showing NekNomination warning messages?

Facebook, Twitter responsibility for NekNomination warning messages

  • Geoff Scotland

    Let me just start by saying I think NekNomination is pretty stupid. The world unites as one… to drink? Doesn’t sound quite right. Does it?

    So, if people need to be told by social media sites that drinking two pints of gin is stupid and will probably kill them, then I think we have a bigger problem. Common sense should tell these people that what they are doing is dangerous and if you asked me, it seems like a form of digital natural selection. Now I don’t mean to sound callous when I say this, but it’s true. No one in their right mind would attempt to drink even one pint of undiluted alcohol. Never mind two. Unless of course they were, in fact, trying to kill themselves.

    Maybe the answer here is; people die from doing stupid things all the time. We just don’t see it and therefore have no opinion on it as we don’t know about it.

    So people start doing these stupid things and posting them on their favourite social media sites. Suddenly the world is up in arms blaming Facebook and Twitter, saying they should be telling people that they shouldn’t drink a lethal amount of alcohol. Um, hello?! Wake up!

    What do they expect will happen? People will get smarter? Don’t scapegoat the big guys for people’s idiotic actions.