Linkedin volunteer marketplace opportunities feature

The LinkedIn volunteer marketplace opportunities feature started last month when the professional social site decided to teamed up with volunteer organizations, such as BoardSource, Taproot Foundation, VolunteerMatch and Catchafire, that allows the site to connect LinkedIn professionals to nonprofit volunteer opportunities.

Social impact manager for LinkedIn, Allison Dorsey aforementioned that they solely needed to provide a really smart nonprofit organizations with a simple way for professionals that wish to gift their time and talent and to administer professionals a simple way to find proficient volunteering opportunities.

The Volunteer Marketplace feature is a great program under the LinkedIn roof, a perfect way to bridge the social impact around the world. If you visit the official LinkedIn for Volunteers page you will see they say you should use your skills to make a positive impact, Linkedin then say, “Volunteering is good for your career and your community. Find opportunities on LinkedIn.”

82% of LinkedIn members that were surveyed said that they would volunteer their time and skills; this is a great idea for those that have the time to do this.

What do you think of the relatively new LinkedIn volunteer marketplace opportunities feature?

Linkedin volunteer marketplace opportunities feature