Google Plus failure is just bizarre thinking

So many Facebook and Twitter users and alike seem to think that Google Plus is a failure, the social networking site has been called a Facebook copy and that it was all good in 2011 when people tried to dish out as many of their allocated invites as they could to see how many they could get in their circles – I beg to dither when people call G Plus a flop.

Back in 2011 Google Plus was an invite-only social network and I was invited, if people say to me that G Plus is a letdown and a flop and nowhere as good as Facebook they need their heads examining.

A few days ago Claire Cain Miller from New York Times‘ explained that the plus in Google Plus is mostly for Google. In a nutshell the article explains that people sign up for Plus so it becomes your account for all Google products such as YouTube, Maps and Gmail etc, it does not matter if you return to Google Plus or not Google still sees you.

I actually think this is absurd when people say G Plus is a ghost town and no one likes it, take a look at my personal profile ‘Mark Chubb’ and you will see that 45,046 have me in their circles – people have to remember that each time you post something this gets seen in natural rank, which we all know is more exposure.

All Voices reports that those that do visit their G Plus account will only spend an average four minutes per month on Google Plus, which is compared to 7.5 hours per month on Facebook. For me Facebook and Google Plus are two entities, one is a diary that is full of pathetic and the other is a professional looking page for business and personal exposure. Ok, yes you can have a personal and or business Facebook and Google Plus profiles, but for me over on Google Plus I am merely Mark Chubb. OSM also has its own Google Plus profile as well, but the growth of my name Mark Chubb is more by far.

Some say Google Plus is a failure, but for some maybe it is, but you can clearly see for myself it is not. Facebook has more advertising, more games, more scams, do I need go on. I love both social networks do not get me wrong and both have their benefits.

Google allows you to log in to everything with one sign-in account, which I think is a brilliant idea – basically a whole database in with one single account password.

What are your views on Google Plus, is it a failure or success?

Google Plus failure is just bizarre thinking

  • SacVideo

    Failure. I don’t want a social media service to be all inclusive and all connected to my other accounts. I hate this about g+. FB doesn’t demand it like g+ does. Let me keep my accounts seperate and quit coraling me like a desperate pervert. To put it short, sweet and bluntly, G+, you just try to hard to be cool.

  • oldman_60

    I am using Google + every day. It is the best place to find people who share your interests. I find much more interesting information with Google plus communities than with any other social networks. Many people using Google + communities comment much more more than giving +1. Their comments are rich and very useful.