Facebook gender options for U.S not UK

The new Facebook gender option is now available for those that live in the U.S or those using Facebook in U.S English, it is not accessible in the UK yet.

In the UK when you go to the edit info, you get an option to be male or female but now for those in the U.S FB users get 56 more options, such as Trans Male, Trans Female, Transgender, Transsexual and many more.

I have always wondered why there was only male and female, the new gender options allow a transgender the option now, Facebook is starting to acknowledge the different types of genders and this is why they have added 56 new types.

If you visit ReadWrite you can see all the 56 different gender types, Facebook said in an official statement that they have worked close with a Network of Support, a group of leading LGBT advocacy organizations to bring the new gender option list. There are so many gender identities that people use and now Facebook users can select a custom gender etc.

User do not have to make public their gender, this option can be hidden from people such as family, co-workers, friends and members etc.

We think it is great for Facebook to acknowledge the different gender options, we are not sure when this new option will release in the UK.

Do you like the new Facebook gender option?

Facebook gender options for U.S not UK

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    56 genders? Some people…just wanna see the world burn.