Drawn Your Tweet is 16.5k viral sensation

On February 5th, 2014 a new Twitter page called ‘Drawn Your Tweet’ (@drawnyourtweet) started and since then it’s become a viral sensation with 16.5k followers.

Twitter is used for fun and of course breaking news, but the new anonymous drawings of users tweets have gone viral. When you visit @drawnyourtweet the profile says, Randomly(ish) inking your tweets. No requests; though preferences go out to followers, celebrities, astronauts, pirates and small dogs. talk@drawnyourtweet.com – Doodleville.”

TNW were the first to see this new Twitter page and credit goes to them for coming across it, and we are glad they did because it put a smile on my face.

The artist is not known behind the Twitter profile, all we know is they take a random tweet and then draws it and then lets the person know about it. After just 2 weeks he had around 10,000 followers and since the 5th to today the 18th the artist as accumulated 16.5k followers, now that’s viral.

After looking around we came across ‘Drawn My Tweet’, which is basically on the same wavelength. This site has been going for many years now – Do you think the new Drawn Your Tweet Twitter profile is similar to the Drawn my Tweet website?

Drawn Your Tweet is 16.5k viral sensation