Olympic Charter only posts, Sochi social media ban

When it comes to the Olympics and its athletes in Sochi you will not see many photos or videos be posted on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram, and this has something to do with the Olympic Charter and its committee.

The International Olympic Committee decided that they needed to ban Olympic athletes, officials, coaches and Committee personnel from putting any audio or video content online, they are not even allowed to post anything to do with competitions or any other actions that happens at the Olympic Village or venues.

Any post that goes online to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine etc must conform to Olympic spirit as well as principles of Olympism that are within the Olympic Charter.

Athletes are allowed to record audio or video as long as they do not contain professional recording material, another words they have to use non-professional equipment, which means no tripods or TV gear.

In a nutshell this means that no journalist is allowed to be present when recording, no interviews and no information is to be disclosed id it contains private or confidential relations. If those that do post material socially they must not be offensive, no hate towards anything, and most definitely nothing that is deemed illegal.

No athlete is allowed to post any material to do with the Olympic rings, they are only allowed to use the term ‘Olympic’ in their posts etc, and no mascots can be used either unless they have had approval. Please read the full in-depth news over on The Post Game.

Do you think the committee is being too strict banning athletes from posting online socially?

Olympic Charter only posts, Sochi social media ban