Facebook a look back video is cause for concern

As we all know Facebook turned 10-years old this week and to celebrate they released new personalized videos that looks back at your memorable times on the social networking site from when you first joined – This seems to be a cause for concern for some.

The new Facebook ‘A Look Back’ video feature has been done very well in the way it grabs your top messages and shows off some of your Facebook photos. Users will see on their walls many videos created by friends or families, and if you visit facebook.com/lookback your personal video will be created for you and all you need to do is share.

The video starts with when the user first joined FB and then shows the first profile photo, then comes the first moments and some earlier popular and liked posts. When you think of it, Facebook has billions of users and it can create a video of your Facebook life with a click of a button, which is astonishing.

But the Facebook Look Back videos are annoying a few users and this is a cause for concern; some are saying that their wall is just full of videos and its just crazy and annoying. One user said, “I really don’t feel that #FacebookIs10 accurately captured my life.”

We have looked and cannot seem to find a way to stop these videos showing up on your wall, if you know how to do this please do use the comments area below to let us know.

Just so you all know if you visit this Facebook hashtag #‎FacebookIs10 you will be able to see all the videos who are on your friends list.

Have you watched your own Facebook A Look Back video yet?

Facebook a look back video is cause for concern

  • Mae Cayabyab

    how can i have my facebook look back..?

    • marksway

      Hi, Make sure you are logged in to Facebook and then click on the
      ‘Facebook Look Back’ link above shown in the 2nd paragraph – it will
      automatically make your video. It is best to do this on a desktop and
      not a mobile device.