The rise and fall of social media players

Even though the history of the commercial Internet only extends as far back as the mid-90s, it has seen a number of successful and not-so-successful ventures in its brief lifetime.

In the latest few years, social media has proven to dominate the World Wide Web, with big names such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and these are becoming major players in the competitive realm of making friends and sharing our lives online.

Pinterest, for example, is a late bloomer to the game, but racked up 48 million users in 2013. But what about the names that used to be big, but aren’t any more?

Quite a few players were in the game, and are now either in last place or out of the race altogether. Some of these sites, like Six Degrees, are now all but extinct, while others are attempting to make a comeback. With new players in the race, though, several of these sites will fail to rebirth themselves unless they make drastic changes to their services and other offerings. And of course, the Internet can be a fickle beast, which might mean only a very short-lived success for some of the newest victors in the race for social media triumph.

The infographic below, created by and courtesy of WhoIsHostingThis, lays out some of the failed ventures that are trying to regain popularity, along with thoughts on the likelihood for these social media relics to gain back some of the glory they once had.

Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again? by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

The rise and fall of social media players