New Pinterest Personalized for You page based on activity

Pinterest is always trying its best to bring new things for its users to enjoy, and now tests are being carried out for a brand new feature called “Personalized for You”, which is a new category based on what you have been searching and your interests.

The new “Personalized for You” is also great because it is based on your interests what you search for and of course based on users pins as well. TechCrunch reports that the personalized page is a collection of topics and words and works on user’s pinning activity.

If say you are someone focused on Pinterest wedding or Pinterest Valentines, or someone that is more focused on fashion items like boots, shoes, dresses etc, this means users will see more categories based on these interests.

At the moment only a select few will see the new feature, some will see a Pinterest notification offering you to try out the “Personalized for You” when they log in. The whole page layout is apparently different and in a way a little like Flipboard-esque.

Have you had the Pinterest notification to try out the new “Personalized for You” feature?

New Pinterest Personalized for You page using pin activity