Kelly Thomas beating video sparks outrage after police acquitted

The Kelly Thomas beating video had watchers in shock after seeing police using brute force to attain a homeless man, the security footage of Thomas being beaten by the police at Fullerton, California bus depot on July 5, 2011 can be seen below after which he sadly died due to his injuries.

Cpl. Jay Cicinelli faced involuntary manslaughter as well as excessive use of force charges and Fullerton police officer Manuel Ramos was charged with second-degree murder. The footage was re-opened and the latest news via Huffington Post shows that 14 protesters were arrested after they heard that the two policemen were acquitted after beating the homeless man to death.

The protest happened outside the Orange County city of Fullerton, it did turn violent where it was reported “some of the 200 participants attacked a television news camera operator Saturday afternoon.”

Even though the jury watched the video below they reached a “not guilty” verdict, which is crazy considering you can see the footage and here the audio.

You may want to take a look at Reason TV’s original documentary called “Cops Vs. Cameras: The Killing of Kelly Thomas & The Power of New Media.”

We have also added another news report that happened last year, view the videos then have your own say.

Should the police have been charged with the beating or were the Jury right with their not guilty verdict?

Kelly Thomas beating video sparks outrage after police acquitted