Gmail contacts list with yellow star importance

Google is always trying to maintain its future with new updates, and the Gmail contacts list has been added to the upgrade. The whole social networking place is using symbols of some sort to strike importance etc, so now it is the time of the email with the new yellow star.

The yellow star within Gmail contacts allows users to mark them as a favorite or important, it is all rather simple in the way it works. You go to your Gmail contacts located top left and when open you will see a blank star next to your contacts, in a way these new yellow stars to mark as important or favorite are not really what we would call highly useful, when you compose a new email most of the time we start to type out the name of the person we want to email and its finds the contact.

We will not go to deep into this but the new updates works very well indeed if you want to pair it with Android devices. For more information about this please visit this Google+ page.

This Gmail new yellow star feature now showing in contacts is already being used next to incoming emails, you can mark emails of importance in the same way, so all Google has done is mirrored the feature over to the Gmail contacts list.

Do you like the new yellow star feature within the Gmail contacts list?

Gmail contacts list with yellow star importance