YouTube, Google+ comments mayhem prompts new tool release

YouTube were blasted by users for using the new Google+ comments integration, not only did they change the way users commented they also changed the tools in the way you manage them. Since the new comments change mayhem hit the social media world, and since the blaze a new YouTube comments management tool has been released.

The new management tool release is probably all part of the peace process after YouTube started to use Google+ as it new commenting platform, users felt that they were being forced to sign-up to Google+ to comment on YouTube, so-much-so many stopped commenting.

YouTube users were most definitely frustrated, and that is why YouTube announced its new management tool over on its Creators blog. Now on the comments page YouTube users will be able to easily remove comments, give a thumbs up, flag comments for abuse or spam, as well as having the ability to reply and click over to the video watch page.

You can basically moderate all your comments in one place now, in a way it is like the old version of the YouTube Inbox. If YouTube users hates the new Google+ commenting system maybe this new tool will bring a little peace as a start to build the broken bridge, it will make life a little simpler to publish videos on the site.

What do you think of the new YouTube comments page?

YouTube, Google+ comments blaze prompts new tool

  • kaimo

    Do ya still need to use google+ to use it? If so then they haven’t done a thing to fix the problem.