Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna weight loss photo: Debate

There are a few that are not on Facebook’s side this time round after they removed a woman’s photo of standing in one leg of her pants after she lost over 120 pounds.

Marilyn McKenna of Washington State decided she wanted to show her weight loss on Facebook by posting a photo of herself, but this was removed because Facebook deemed it inappropriate for the social media site.

Facebook apparently told Marilyn McKenna that the photo was violating the site’s policy by promoting idealized physical appearances, but then McKenna replied with “What ‘products’ am I promoting? You dunderheads! My website, my blogs, my videos… It’s all free!! I’m not selling anything!”

No one likes to promote anorexia or similar, but for McKenna to share her photo of her weight loss on her Facebook page is not wrong at all, she looks fantastic and after 6 years to lose 120 pounds is amazing.

A spokesperson told KING 5 that Facebook’s terms require advertisers of weight loss and other adult products to limit the audience of their ads to people aged 18 and over. Many including McKenna stress that they were not promoting because they was not selling anything.

Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna weight loss photo- Debate pic 2

Please watch the McKenna interview video here where all is explained, and please do visit Marilyn McKenna’s website that also includes interviews with people that have won their own weight loss battles.

Do you think it was right or wrong for Facebook to remove Marilyn McKenna’s weight loss photo?

Facebook removes Marilyn McKenna weight loss photo- Debate