Northern Lights UK 2014 pictured but not videoed

The Northern Lights UK seemed to be a phenomenon in Wales last Thursday, it seems to be a bit of a surprise that no YouTube videos have been uploaded of the spectacular light show, but there were pictures taken.

The Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights were visible in parts of the UK last week, which is fantastic considering this normally happens in the north parts of the Nordic countries, such as Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Alaska and Russia.

The skies lit up for one lucky photographer who got to shoot some stunning pictures of the lights illuminating the skies.

Experts did say that the light show phenomenon may be visible in the Cotswolds region, and those in the Tyneside across to the north coast may get a chance to witness it – OSM have yet to hear from these that saw the Northern Lights in the UK.

Wedding photographer Kim Price shot the picture above in Llangollen, Denbighshire. She said that she saw the faint lights above Valle Crucis Abbey; please visit Sky News for more images of the light fantastic.

Did you get to see the Northern Lights in the UK? If yes please do let us know where in the United Kingdom you were.

Northern Lights UK 2014 pictured but not videoed