Google in 1998 search is still present

Google last year turned 15 years old and if you type into the search bar ‘Google in 1998’ you will see what the search engine looked like back then.

Before we go any further we would like to point out that OSM did write a small article titled ‘Google in 1998 vs 2013 visual difference’ and the comment we received was rather interesting, it said – “I was more nostalgic for the list of dead search engines at the bottom of the page. AltaVista, Lycos, eGroups.”

OSM seems to pick up a few things now and then and back in September 2013 Mashable made a slight mistake in its URL, which said, “google-in-1988” and we know they should have typed 1998.

The Google in 1998 Easter Egg is a pleasure to see and it matches the likes of the Atari Breakout, Barrel Roll and Zerg Rush etc.

Keep them coming Google because we all love these little search twists – What is your best Google Easter Egg to date?

Google in 1998 search is still present