Facebook, Russian Yandex Firehose deal underway

Yandex has declared a partnership agreement with Facebook, giving Yandex full access to the social network’s “firehose” of public information. As of these days, public content from Facebook users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, alternative CIS countries and Turkey are out there for assortment by Yandex as soon as it has been published.

The agreement set between the two will only cover such data from Facebook users in the above countries, published under “Public” privacy settings. It is then users can find out what those on the Facebook are saying about the latest headline news events, for example, or the latest movies etc. Soon enough, Yandex’s search results will display Facebook users’ posts as well as others’ comments on them. Profiles and posts that Facebook users mark “Private” will not be searchable.

Yandex can use information from Facebook’s public Firehose feed to enhance the standard of its search results. Wherever applicable, Yandex’s search results can incorporate articles and videos that have had specific resonance on the social network, which means the recognition of materials on Facebook, are taken into thought once ranking search results.

Yandex indexes several diary hosting services, microblogs and social networks. Public posts and profiles of users are accessible by looking blogs.yandex.ru as well as yandex.ru. Yandex’s partnership agreement with Facebook, and its ensuing full access to Facebook’s Firehose of public information, which implies that Facebook will be better, represented in Yandex’s search results.

Source – Yandex

Facebook, Russian Yandex Firehose deal underway