Niagara Falls frozen photo goes viral

The odds of seeing the Niagara Falls frozen solid is something many have longed to witness, did the polar vortex 2014 really freeze the running water of the most spectacular waterfall in the world? We think not!

The Niagara Falls 2014 photo that went viral showed off the waterfall being totally frozen, but this was in fact the case of old photos and clever photo shopping to make all seem so real and believable.

Last Tuesday new photos appeared online of the Niagara Falls freeze over, but these photos fooled everyone leaving them to go viral on many social media sites. The waterfall produces over 700,000 gallons of water per second and for anyone to believe this would have frozen over is just fantastic – we believed for a moment.

The words ‘Frozen Niagara Falls’ alone became the number two highest trend on Yahoo in America, it did not freeze over, which means the ‘Polar Vortex’ was not powerful enough. There has never been any time in history of the Niagara Falls totally freezing over; there was a slight upstream ice over on the river, which slowed down the flow of the water to a trickle for a few hours back in 1849.

Since the photo above went viral, the Niagara social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc have gained so much more attention. The Niagara Falls USA Facebook page likes went up three times gaining over 40,000 likes.

In our eyes this was one of the best publicity stunts for a while, wonder how many tourists went to Niagara Falls to witness the event?

Niagara Falls frozen photo goes viral