CBB 2014 Dappy Twitter reaction meltdown

N-Dubz rapper Dappy seems to be surrounded by the world of controversy at the moment after entering the BB house, OSM never like to judge and we allow you to have your own opinion and to be fair everyone has the right to express what they please within reason – A while back Dappy hit the headlines after the ‘dappy big willy’ picture went viral on Twitter, please were posting comments by the droves with words like ‘Dappy Horse’.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house has a lot of sexual tension at the moment, and to be fair we can call this one Dappy 2014, BB made the singer wear a nappy because he discussed nominations in the house and that’s where the words Dappy in a Nappy came to light – also comes with a dummy in his mouth.

Dappy is all over Twitter like a rash at the moment, and most of the controversy started after he was seen in bed with Jasmine Waltz, this got CBB a little annoyed we think – read more about this here.

Read all about Dappy over on Twitter here, he is getting a lot of reactions at the moment – all good publicity right Dappy!

What are your views on Dappy in the CCB 2014 house?

CBB 2014 Dappy Twitter reaction meltdown

  • Abhi Punj

    (second paragraph, second line – it’s ‘wear a nappy’ not ‘where a nappy’… ;))