Social was stirring and entering Christmas spirit

Twas the week before Christmas, and pitching abounds – we hope you like this infographic so we can sleep sound.

With some holiday cheer, can we capture your ear? Or is it stress you’d prefer to use in the press?

Getting into the holiday spirit, Digimind, a social media monitoring company, looked at whether people were generally more stressed or cheerful leading into the holidays and the New Year, based on their social conversations.

The infographic below tells this story in the form of short poem, ‘Twas The Week Before Christmas and Social Was Stirring. Cheer is winning over stress with 76% of cheers was for sentiment on social this season. Justin Bieber was mentioned 3 times more than food when it comes th Christmas. Please click the image below for the full-size infographic.

Notably, Digimind uncovered that overall social has a lot of cheer this season, unless we’re talking about New Year’s Eve. If that’s the case, we’re all worried about spending it alone.

Social was stirring and entering Christmas spirit