Facebook users being scammed with free PS4 offers

With everybody looking for eleventh hour deals earlier than Christmas, scammers are on the hunt where they offer free gadgets and games on social networking sites such as Facebook for reciprocally for private info. This time round they are offering free PS4 consoles if you like and share their page.

Kaspersky Lab has seen scammers making an attempt to interest Facebook users with pages on PS4 offers as well as other smart devices.

Despite the unofficial-looking posts, Many users are falling for them and loaning credence to the scam campaigns, in line with Kaspersky. One supposed Christmas competition providing PlayStation 4 consoles had received over 776 shares.

Kaspersky Lab warns that feeling these false Facebook offers may leave folks in danger of hacking and malware.

One example shows clearly the message being sent out in the screenshot above, it says ‘Free Playstation 4’. They apparently have 200 pieces of the PS4 and because they cannot be sold because the seal has been broken they are giving them away. They ask you to share and like the page and once you have done so they will choose a winner.

If possible please AVOID these scammers at all cost – Have you come across the free PlayStation 4 scam yet?

Facebook users being scammed with free PS4 offers