Top 10 LinkedIn buzzwords explained in Infographic

LinkedIn is described as one of the best professional social media sites for those wishing to look or provide jobs. But how creative are you to create a buzz so that other members come to your profile?

To have a successful LinkedIn profile you need to be motivated as well and inventive, but we all know that millions of users us the same words on their profiles and a recent inforgraphic looks at the top 10 over used buzzwords on LinkedIn.

The most overused buzzwords on LinkedIn profiles include: 1 Responsible, 2 Strategic, 3 Creative, 4 Effective, 5 Patient, 6 Expert, 7 Organizational, 8 Driven, 9 Innovative, and 10 Analytical.

So in at number one of the most used buzzword was “responsible,” this word was used twice as much as the word strategic. We all know it is important to show enthusiasm and having the ability to impress a new employer, but they have seen or heard of the top 10 words show above so many times so be even more creative and find more words to use.

It does make sense to be different, do not follow in the paths of other LinkedIn profiles, and find new words. For example, take the number on overused buzzword ‘Responsible’; you could use alternative words such as dependable etc.

LinkedIn believes you should steer clear of the top 10 words above, be different and show creativeness. It has been said of a positive word has its opposite negative such as impatient and irresponsible do not use it.

Please take a look at the LinkedIn ‘Most Overused Buzzwords’ infographic below – Please do comment below.

Top 10 LinkedIn buzzwords explained in Infographic