Lego full size 20mph hot rod car in video

Every one loves Lego World and two ‘Super Awesome Micro Project’ run by two geniuses Raul Oaida and Steve Sammartino. They have created a Lego full size hot rod car with full-sized engine that can go 20mph.

This is the first full sized Lego car in the world that actually allows you to sit in it and drive it with real working Lego engine powered b air and a steering wheel.

The Super Awesome Micro Project consisted of over 500,000 LEGO pieces, Lego car engine that runs on air and has four orbital engines with a total of 256 pistons.

This stunning build was assembled in Romania and once completed it was shipped over to a secret location in Melbourne.

Take a look at the video below titled ‘Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air’ you will just love it. This is a super crazy idea that is just pure brilliance.

What should be the next Super Awesome Micro Project?

Lego full size 20mph hot rod car in video