Google Plus blackmail prank to sign-up

Have you joined Google+ yet? If you haven’t you might come across the new Google Plus blackmail prank for you to sign-up.

There was a Google Plus blackmail warning sent out to everyone letting them know that if they have not signed-up to G+ and using the social media network your search history will be obtained and used to blackmail you.

The video show below explains that Google is trying even harder now to force people to sign-up, so you can either join or all your history and private information will be released about you.

If you do not sign-up Google will release all your search history, so no matter what you have searched no matter how dirty or bad they will release it. Google has your Gmail emails, calendar, street views of you and so much more.

STOP panicking now, the video is a blackmail prank and a funny one at that via College Humor, the video went viral and so many people watching thought it was real.

Google would never blackmail anyone and it is laughable to think otherwise. Please do watch the video and then answer this question – What do you think about the Google Plus blackmail prank?

Google Plus blackmail prank to sign-up

  • Anon

    And you are blackmailing me to post on this site… why do i have to give you info to logon ? pot – kettle – black !

    • Tony

      We are not blackmailing you because that is your choice, we ask for login to comments because we gained so many spammers and this way it keeps it cleaner for you all.