Facebook Donate Now button added, dislike needed

Facebook is all about giving and we know that Mark Zuckerberg and team give away millions to charities across the world, social network users will now see the new Facebook ‘Donate Now’ button that’s now goes with the Share and Like buttons.

If you are into giving you will find the new Facebook button very useful indeed, the “Donate Now” button, this was put into place for non-profit organizations and an easier way to get contributions.

If a Facebook user clicks on the “Donate Now” button it will collect billing information for Facebook as well as credit card numbers, the button will show up in news feeds next to posts. Users of the button get to choose the amount of money they wish to donate, and of course the option to share the nonprofit post with their friends.

So far there are 19 non-profit launch partners using the new “Donate Now” button, which shows up on their Facebook Pages, some of these include Red Cross, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, LIVESTRONG Foundation, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – for more information please read the full press release.

All we need now is a dislike button, I know it a little crazy to put donate and dislike in the same news article but it is fair to say the button Facebook users want the most is the DISLIKE button.

What is more important to you on Facebook, the DONATE or DISLIKE button?

Facebook Donate Now button added, dislike needed

  • ChennaiBala

    Also you can donate to CRY and HELPAGEINDIA

    HelpAge India: Charitable Trusts India – NGO in India, Non Profit
    Donate to CRY – Help a Child Build a Secure Future