Broner vs Maidana prompt Adrien Twitter jokes

The Broner vs Maidana was an epic fight and had many boxing fans on the edge of their seats, since Maidana knocked down Broner down twice people have taken to Twitter to tweet many jokes and pictures.

Marcos Maidana won the WBA welterweight championship at the Alamodome Saturday night by unanimous decision, the score was 115-110, 116-109 and 117-109 in favor of Maidana.

This is Broner’s first loss after a staggering 28 fights, but after this loss boxing fans all over the world are taking to Twitter joking at Adrien Broner’s expense.
Some of the tweets below are what we found after looking at #BronerMaidana and #Broner, we hope these do not upset fans and hope you can see the funny side to them. We will not be held responsible for you laughing or being upset.

One of the tweets below says “Broner got knocked down like if Rey Mysterio was about to pop up and do the 619,” and another says, “Maidana hit Broner so hard he made him look like 50 Cent.”

Check out the Adrien Broner twitter joke tweets below, please do have your say.

Adrien Broner loses against Maidana but who would win in the rematch?

Broner vs Maidana prompt Adrien Twitter jokes