Facebook teenagers threatened by adults is questioned

Facebook is highly popular and we are all aware of that, but are teenagers being threatened by adults so much that they are deciding to dump the social networking site?

According to Michael McQueen the Social media expert, he believes that Facebook’s largest user demographic age is 30 and that we are entering what is called the ‘Levi’s Effect’, apparently teenagers are dumping Facebook for other social networks.

They are leaving in favor of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter etc, according to the latest reports via SMH Digital Life McQueen said that Levi Jeans were once cool, it was a great brand until parents started to wear them. Read these comments over on DNA India, they are rather interesting.

It is now being said that teenagers are leaving Facebook because parents are starting to use it and the social networking site is going to lose its credibility and popularity with the youngsters. The older generation are starting to use Facebook and OSM can agree with this, but we do not really agree that teenagers are leaving Facebook just because adults are on there.

There may be a select few parents that are going on Facebook to check up on their kids, which we believe is ok to do within reason, parents need to realise that being too nosey will lose a little respect, but teens leaving just because of adults joining Facebook is rubbished by the fact we have asked around and teens said they would not leave because of parents.

Twitter has many adults over on there, both teens and adults use it. We do have to say that Parents can only tell if their child is online on Facebook and not Twitter, but parents have to be on their Facebook’s friends list to see this.

Parents have less chance of spying on their teenager on Twitter than Facebook granted, but to say teenagers are leaving Facebook for Twitter for this one reason is hard to swallow.

Have you left Facebook because of your parents?

Facebook teenagers threatened by adults is questioned