Why social media is essential for affiliate marketers

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Social media is one such platform that is never going to die, just take a look at how social media platforms have expanded with the passage of time. Marketers are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and others to develop business through social media. Affiliate marketers can hugely benefit from social media by devising intelligent, smart and more sophisticated tips like selling advertisement space and creating more collaborative merchant-affiliate relationship. Social media provides great chances of link building and you will get lots of traffic. Here is why social media is essential for affiliate marketers.

Cost Effective
Every business has some budget specifically preserved for marketing. Social media marketing is one such marketing strategy that uses very little or no money. It is almost free to use and allows you access to far greater audience. The money preserved from social media marketing can be used on other tactics.

Greater Exposure
For an affiliate marketer, exposure is the greatest achievement. Success of any affiliate marketing campaign is predicted by its exposure to the target audience. Social media is a platform that gives greater exposure. An affiliate marketer is always in search of target audience and your target audience is present, in a great number, on different social media platforms. There are millennials, there are old people, kids, house wives, students, girls, teenagers, in short with a smart campaign you can get any kind of audience on social media.

Marketing While You Are on the Go!
Most of the people use social media on their tablets and mobile phones. Unlike conventional affiliate marketing tricks, you don’t need to stick to your desktop or laptop to find out what is related to your query. A good affiliate marketer knows how to move with the tide of time. Social media will keep your affiliate marketing campaign running even if you are not currently working. People can like, share, retweet, repin or even make your product viral while they are in a waiting queue at a movie theater, having lunch or sitting on the couch.

Branding Through Social Media
Creating your own brand is one of the fundamental aspects of any marketing campaigns. Social media creative ideas instantly hit right audience and immediately go viral. Thus you can create a perfect branding message and get it conveyed to the right kind of audience.

An Easy-to-Use Platform
Social media is an easy-to-use platform. Especially for an affiliate marketer who already knows the marketing world. In order to operate in this particular field of marketing (social media), you don’t need any specialized training. Old tricks like SEO, video and distribution of links can go very well with social media marketing. However, there are a few things that every affiliate marketer should keep in mind while working on social media. Giants like Facebook and Twitter have some of their own rules and regulations that govern each platform, before proceeding with any of the platform it is good to know about dos and don’ts of each platform.

Social Media is Least Affected by Google Updates
Time to time Google introduces updates, also known as algorithms. These algorithms are introduced to make SERPs free of spam pages and make user experience better. Updates like Penguin, Panda have turned marketing campaigns upside down. Many tricks and tips of affiliate marketing and social media marketing that once were very successful can now lead your website down to the last page of SERP.

However, social media is least affected by such updates as compared to all other marketing strategies. This is because most of the social media platforms have their own set of rules and regulations that govern their policies. While posting links on other websites, blogs you will get penalized if the moderator of the website or Google spider thinks that the links are too promotional, irrelevant to the content/topic or are misplaced. Whereas, on social media, i.e. Facebook, you can post links in comments on your page, on your follower’s page and on behalf of the follower (rules and regulations apply).

However, it should be kept in mind that audience present on social media is far cleverer than the Google spider that crawls through your website pages. Make sure that the links are working and they take the target audience right to the main page of the website.

A fertile Ground for Discussion
Developing business through social media is quite easy. Right when you think that you are out of incentives and there is nothing that you can offer your audience right now, the discussion can keep your page alive. Make sure that the comments are relevant. Make sure that the rules and regulations of the page are followed. When there is hot discussion on a certain topic, the word is definitely going out. However, it is necessary that the strategy must remain focused and positive.

OSM would like to say a big thanks to Deepak Gupta (Google+)who is a successful online blogger and expert social media-marketing consultant. He is associated with a reputed social media marketing company that provides social media marketing services and very well takes care of social aspects of various clients.

Why social media is essential for affiliate marketers

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    Social media has become the most efficient way to get market share in a inch. Search engine rankings are only a small part of the picture, and its much better to demonstrate your expertise in online mediums where your potential clients “hang out”.

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    Social media is must for every online marketing practice. And its true that social media is least affected by Google updates and most loved by search engines including Google.

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    Because social media is a good channel to promote and increase traffic for your affiliates.

    Thanks for this great post!