Pinterest, A touch of colour for adults

We are always striving to find the best Pinterest Board, and today we think we have found it; this one adds a touch of colour.

AJ Stacey has a lovely Pinterest board called ‘A touch of colour’ and we must stress this one say’s adults only, even though there is no pure nudity the pins are revealing enough to get the heart racing.

There are 1415 pins within this board and when you visit it you will notice all the photos are black and white with a selected part being in colour, and it is this that makes this Pinterest board stand out from the rest.

•✿• A touch of colour •✿• is for adults only and adds a lot of unique colours to pins, and we really love this one,

Whatever photo you click on it will automatically open another page, and then click on the photo again and it goes of to iTunes showing the Photo Uploader for Pinterest app.

We do not really care where the photos take you; it’s all about the classy look of the black & white photos showing a touch of colour.

What do you think of the Pinterest, A Touch of Colour board?

Pinterest, A touch of colour for adults only