Gmail tabs killing emails for business, marketing discussed

The new Gmail Tabs feature that was recently added has left a few loving them and a few hating them, these basically offer automatic filters when you get incoming emails. The tabs seem to be worrying a few business and marketers because they feel that the emails will not go into the ‘Primary’ tab because Google thinks it is a promotion or something else.

The new Gmail tabs consist of Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates, Google Gmail automatically knows that a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ email is social and will be put in the ‘Social Tab’.

A company called Return Path done an analysis recently and found that 0.3% of commercial emails goes to the Primary Tab and 90% of emails goes into the Promotions tab – please remember this of for business and marketing emails.

Email marketing is a big business and before the Gmail tabs were introduced users had to sift through all their emails trying to determine what ones were for the trash and ones to keep.

gmail tabs

We all know that email marketing is a part of many business with marketing strategies, it is one of the best ways to reach millions of people and of course businesses customers, business share content with its customers and other businesses and the new Gmail Tabs are a cause for concern for some because they have to search even more than did before, they now have to search in four different tabs rather than just one place.

In a way it is not too much of a problem because if say an email gets put into you promotions tab when you really want it as a primary email, just drag the email out of that tab into the one you want and future emails will be sent there, job done.

Please read the full tabbed inbox report here – Are business and marketing users happy with the new Gmail Tabs?

Gmail tabs killing emails for business, marketing discussed