Facebook down so use Hootsuite

Many big named social media sites have outage problems now and then; take Yahoo mail for example, so users are still having issues. But unlike Yahoo when Facebook down time does not actually mean your locked out completely.

When Facebook is down and you cannot post status messages etc, dependent on how widespread the problem is you can use alternatives to post or read messages on Facebook.

If Facebook decides to stop working for you try Hootsuite, in some cases and dependant on how deep the issues is you can use Hootsuite to post onto their wall.

We have used Hootsuite before when Facebook was down and our message we put into the Hootsuite message box went live onto Facebook. Hootsuite does not have like buttons etc; it is a simple way of sharing stuff to social media site. You can have multiple accounts as well, which means you can select Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more and then send what you have typed into Hootsuite.

Many Hootsuite users were able to post to Facebook when the social media site was down, obviously you will not be able to see the message if you cannot login to Facebook – but hey give it a go.

Learn more about Hootsuite hereHave you ever used Hootsuite to post messages etc to Facebook?

Facebook login down so use Hootsuite

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