Tom Daley boyfriend revelation via YouTube videos

Tom Daley deserves all the respect, last week he decided to do his own selfie YouTube video about his relationship with a man.

The Tom Daley YouTube coming out video should be used as inspiration to other men in the same situation; it was so emotional that Daley talked about his coming out and boyfriend on the Jonathan Ross show.

The Olympic diver said he still fancies girls, but later revealed that he started dating men earlier in the year, he is very happy indeed and said his relationship with his boyfriend is very strong indeed and now has more determination to be the greatest Diver in the world.

Tom Daley openly talked with Ross about his boyfriend on Saturday night, he discussed it was love at first sight and it has gone from there. Please watch the videos below and then have your say in the comments.

These videos should be an inspiration to other worried about coming out.

Tom Daley boyfriend revelation via YouTube videos