Rebecca Black Saturday song vs Friday in most cheesiest

Singer Rebecca Black is not happy with partying on Friday night only, she has decided to carry on the mayhem on Saturday as well. Three years ago the singer released a new song called ‘Friday’ and her YouTube video went viral hitting a staggering 61,823,419 to date.
Now Black has a new song out called ‘Saturday’, this YouTube video since releasing 2 days ago has been viewed 8,698,410 times.

The Rebecca Black Friday song was released and was shared around the world, this was a sensation that went viral, but the song also got a lot of criticism for being the cheesiest song in the world and one of the worst songs ever to be made.

Now there is the new video titled “Saturday – Rebecca Black & Dave Days – Official Music Video” this song is all about what happened on ‘Friday’, the party was mental and then they wake up on SATURDAY – and then the party starts all over again.

The singer and those that partied hard on the Friday pick themselves up and hits the fun once again but on Saturday night, please watch the YouTube video below.

Out of the two videos below by Rebecca Black called Friday and Saturday – what is the cheesiest?

Rebecca Black Saturday vs Friday vs My Moment