Buy Google Plus Ones in natural vs forced

Google launched its very own social referral tool and Google Plus is becoming one of the best social networks to be on, there is around 16 million members and we want to dig deeper into the Plus One button because it passes rank, and just like Facebook likes the more +1’s you get the better the exposure.

It is fact that the more Google Plus Ones you get the better it is for social awareness and of course your business, but these can take a while to grow. First you need you Circles to grow and then the Plus Ones and shares etc, but Google do use the Plus Ones as a ranking characteristic for websites.

There are many businesses out there buying Google Plus Ones, two of the best sites to buy these from are Social Pinger and GplusMoz. They offer a service where you can buy Google Plus Ones, Social Pinger offers 500 Plus Ones for $25, 1000 for $48, 2500 Google Plus Ones will set you back for $115 and 5000 for $220. GplusMoz on the other hand offers G+ users 250 +1’s for $16, 500 for $30, 1000 $55, 2500 Google Plus Ones can be yours for $135, and if you spend $250 you will get 5000 G Plus Ones.

Even individuals are buying Plus Ones to get better rank in natural search, when you get a ‘plus one’ in G+ these come via genuine people and the more of these you get the more popular you or your brand becomes.

When you buy the Google Plus Ones you will not get them straight away all together, they will be given over a period of time so that they look as natural as possible. They do not offer bots or dishonest techniques in offering the ‘And Ones’.

Google Plus Ones Natural vs Forced

Actual Google users deliver the Plus Ones, this is all good said and done, but we are always sceptical about buying likes and Google Plus Ones. If you had a website and after a few years decided to sell the site, it does not look good if you forced the system to get more traffic via purchasing Google Plus Ones for ranking purposes.

If you are an individual wanted to boost your business product or website it can be very good indeed to use the services above, I will personally not be using them because I believe in natural growth and not forced growth.

Is buying Google Plus Ones a good or bad idea?

Buy Google Plus Ones in natural vs forced

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