X Factor blackout and Tamera twitter results

X Factor 2013 is getting very hot indeed, especially when it comes down to the bottom two and their sing-offs. Over the weekend it was the turn of Tamera Foster and Luke Friend, but the shock X Factor blackout happened just before one contestant was being sent home.

ITV and ITV 2 lost signal and because of technical issues the X Factor blackout occurred, the channel has aplogised and they were very quick on the ball and provided the X Factor results on ITV’s Twitter account.

The updates of the results were tweeted right at the crucial moment when Luke Friend was safe leaving Tamera Foster packing her bags and heading home. ITV wanted to let viewers know of the results of the X Factor’s bottom two and Twitter was the perfected option.

More than 1-million was knocked of the total viewing figures on Sunday because of the X Factor outage, ITV’s official Twitter feed sent out updates with hashtag #blankscreenupdate.

This happened at the end of X Factor’s results yesterday and at the beginning of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, not good considering these are two of the biggest shows on TV at the moment.

ITV even tweeted, “#blankscreenupdate The act leaving #xfactor is Tamera. Luke is safe.”

It seems that the HD channels were not affected according to some tweeters, many Twitter users did complain about the X Factor lost signal.

If you have anything to say about the blackout of the two shows please do use the commenting area below – Who do you think will win the X Factor?

X Factor blackout and Tamera twitter results