Trashing Google login passwords for YubiKey Neo

We all use passwords with Google, Gmail login, adsense, Google Plus etc, Google have made it very easy for users to login to its product. But, now is the time to look into the future and get rid of the time-consuming password entries.

Trying to create a password is a nightmare, most of the time we are prompted that they are not strong enough, or someone already has that particular password so you have to it there a while trying to find one.

One of the most popular passwords to day is 123456; some people are really this stupid to use this. We believe that Google will do away with keyboard passwords for a more safe way of entering your Google accounts and this is where the YubiKey Neo could come into play.

2014 will be the year when Google will possibly release an identity verification platform that no longer needs the dreaded long password, the new gadget features U2F (Universal 2nd Factor).

The YubiKey Neo is a little USB dongle and built to Google’s specifications could be a right winner. This is a stunning little device that can plug straight into the users PC or Laptop via the USB port, once connected it will provide an extremely protected layer of verification when you point Google’s Chrome browser to your Gmail or Google Docs account.

For more information about this please do visit the official Yubico website where you can learn more about the YubiKey Neo.

Would you prefer the normal Gmail Login (Example), or would you like the use of the YubiKey Neo product?

Trashing Google login passwords for YubiKey Neo

  • Lily Armstrong

    Do they have a solution in place for mobile devices? I’ve been using Passwordbox to manage my passwords, and it works with and syncs to my computer and phone. I travel a lot, so I really need to be able to access my data from anywhere, and Pbox does that really well. Interested to see if they’ll have that functionality with the key.

    • mswansonxi

      The Yubikey NEO is equipped with NFC (the normal Yubikey is not), and the plan is to make sure this is a mobile-friendly standard.