Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch vs S400 for social networking

There are so many laptops on the market and sometimes it can be very hard to choose what is best for you, we asked a few people what they use their laptops for and they simply said for going on Facebook and Twitter.

Yes majority of people use mobile phones or tablets but when at home they prefer the bigger screen as its easier to use and quicker to type on a physical keyboard.

The first laptop, which is perfect for social networking and playing online games on say Facebook is the Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch, this is very practical indeed with its nicely sized 11.6-inch WXGA LED-backlit HD touch screen. This is perfect for browsing the internet, social networking and even watching movies, we know a lot of people that come home from work and go straight on to Facebook to play their online games, these laptops are perfect for that and then some.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch main specs include an 1.9GHz Intel Pentium 2127U processor, 2MB L3 cache, 4GB memory, 1366 x 768 display resolution, 500GB Serial ATA hard drive, Intel HD graphics, HD webcam, Multi-format media reader, AccuType keyboard and runs Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit OS. Just search for Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch to learn more about this laptop, prices today are at $279.99.

Next up is the $379.99 Lenovo IdeaPad S400 featuring 3rd Gen Intel Core i3-3217U ULV processor, Intel HD graphics 4000, 4GB DDR3 memory, 14-inch LED-backlit HD display with 1366 x 768 resolution. It also comes with a 500GB hard drive, HD definition webcam, 2-in-1 media reader, Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and much more.

If we had to choose one for social networking, playing Facebook games and browsing the Web now and then, we would personally choose the cheaper Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch. Massive price difference and does the job.

If you only use laptops for social networking, which laptop would you choose given the choice of the Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch and Lenovo IdeaPad S400?

Lenovo IdeaPad S210 Touch vs S400 for social networking