How to fight a baby video causes mixed comments

Three days ago Gavin McInnes posted one of the best videos we have seen in a long time, for us the video titled ‘How to fight a baby’ made us laugh, but for some this was not funny with some YouTube comments saying it is just cruel.

The actor in the video is seen at the beginning of the video saying that a lot of guys are scared of babies, but the actor explains they are easy peasey to handle and he shows you how in the video.

You will see the bearded actor fight with his son in the video, there was a part in the clip where he has his hands around the baby’s throat, but you can clearly see the baby and dad having fun seeing as the little baby is smiling, oh and drooling.

The father basically and laughably demonstrates the baby’s weaknesses; the video has caused some harsh criticism since being uploaded. Some are saying that the father is being a little to rough when throwing the baby on the bed, but a lot of people have commented o YouTube saying the actor is a great dad and shows that he interacts with his son.

The Gavin McInnes has had 5,255,995 views with 35,246 thumbs up and 4,358 putting their thumbs down.

Some of the comments said:

“Its funny how everybody says this is cruel. The baby didn’t even cry.”

“The baby was happy and healthy and has a dad who plays. He supported his neck when he flipped him on to the blanket and pillows lol, funny stuff, did the same thing with all three of my kids and nothing but laughs and giggles came out of it.”

“Don’t tickle your baby more than 5seconds. When they laugh, oxygen have hard time to reach brain and can cause damage (just look at the breath the baby takes after the tickling at 1:10)”

“This is nothing short of ABUSE for ENTERTAINMENT!

Someone take him away from him immediately and put him in a home for Dads where a nice loving baby will look after him instead of this violent one.”

“This man is f****** sick! He deserves to die! Thumbs if you want to start a revolution and hunt this man down! Who’s with me?”

Someone even commented to reply to someone who said the video is cruel, the commenter said yes it is cruel and the baby should be arrested for abusing the man. We say it is funny bacuase the man is clearly have fun with his son, and the baby is having fun as well.

What are your views on the how to fight a baby video, is it just fun and cruel?

How to fight a baby video causes mixed comments