Gmail vs Apple Mail: Your preferred login choice

Going to keep this short and sweet, everyone has his or her favorite web-based email service, and we want to know what you prefer given the choice between Gmail or Apple Mail?

I have both Apple Mail and Gmail and then decided to change personal emails coming into Apple Mail to Gmail as I use that the most, and use Apple Mail for business but I may change this as well. Everyone is different in what they want, but for me it’s far simpler to be in one place rather than two and that’s why I chose Gmail.

Many users have reported many differences between the two email services, I personally believe that Gmail has more to offer in way of features like the new Primary, Social, Promotions and Update tabs, this is great because you can choose where you want things to go, and to be fair the spam fold in Gmail actually finds the spam rubbish better than Apple Mail, yet again this is down to personal preference.

Gmail is a lot easier to use when it comes to deleting multiple emails, I prefer to select them all and untick the ones I want to keep, so simple. I could sit here all day and go on and on why I think Gmail is better than Apple Mail but we will let you have the chance in saying your piece.

I do remember one Google Plus user saying “Mavericks ruined Apple Mail for Gmail users”, and another one called Veronica said, “Maybe syncing my Gmail with wasn’t the best idea.”

Gmail will always see more issues than Apple Mail because it is Google run, Google has so much going on it is always prone to problems. They have Android platform, Google Search, Gmail, Google Plus, the list is endless and I am not going to sit here all day listing them all.

Apple security has always been far better than Google when it comes to emails, but we cannot count Google out because they did fix the last Gmail password login security issue very quickly indeed.

I prefer Gmail, what email service do you prefer given the choice of Apple Mail or Gmail?

Gmail vs Apple Mail- Your login choice

  • Nadheem

    For me Its Gmail

  • Rev. Henry Wester MCC, CAC,

    never got apple to work for me. bad login on.