Xbox one problems includes ban if you swear

Twitter is such a wonderful place sometimes, it seems everyone’s wants to talk about Xbox One problems. The main issue that is popping up at the moment is users getting banned if they swear, but this has entailed more neck aches.

Users have said that when they upload gameplay videos in where they swear through the Upload Studio app, they got a ban, a few users have also said on Twitter that even if you swear in a private Skype call it’s a ban on using the Xbox One app.

If you take a look at the Xbox One problems we found on Twitter they report that if you swear in a Skype call you will get banned, another tweet said (Shown below) “You get a ban for swearing in an Xbox One DVR upload even though people are uploading and playing 18+ games where the in game characters swear.”

If you look at the Twitter photo above it says, “Choose something else to play. Because of your past behavior, you can’t Xbox Live Gold is required to use Skype for Xbox One.”

After we found Xbox Live users reporting this on Twitter we decided to visit the Xbox forums and it is the same there as well with users chatting about the ban. One user said that when you upload M-rated game footage like Battlefield 4 that contains swear words nothing happens.

We are not going to go into great detail here, please read the forum here. Microsoft did respond over on Reddit.

Have you been banned on the new Xbox One yet?

Xbox one problems includes ban if you swear