Groves Froch fight and YouTube reactions

When it comes to the George Groves vs Carl Froch fight it seems some agree with the results and some do not, it has most definitely turned the heads of many boxing celebrities including former boxer Prince Naseem Hamed.

Was it the right decision for the referee to stop the Groves Froch fight, Groves said that after his loss Carl Froch hurled abuse after his win and some say that Carl Froch is an unsporting winner.

Carl Froch said that the ref Howard Foster was right to stop the fight, when Froch was given a nine-round stoppage win over Groves in their WBA and IBF super-middleweight world title fight in Manchester on Saturday.

Groves wants a rematch and many YouTube videos have gone online to show their views on the fight. Froch said that he does not think he needs to fight George Groves again because he does not need to prove anything, Froch said “I’m world champion and I’ve given him his chance.”

If the next fight was Carl Froch vs Andre Ward, who do you think would win?

Now lets take a look at the Froch Groves YouTube video reactions, Prince Naseem Hamed says his peace about the bout, and this interview is rather interesting. The bit we liked the most was right at the end of the vide when someone touched Naseem’s hair and the former boxer turned round pointed at the culprit and said “Don’t do that again I will F**k you up”, had to put that in there as it made me laugh a little.

There are a couple of other videos, one where Eddie Hearn says his peace in the post fight interview, and the other with Spencer Fearon and Darren Hamilton being interviewed by Kugan Cassius.

Groves Froch fight and YouTube reactions