Pinterest is down, outage stops login: Update

Pinterest is down and users at the moment cannot login, many users will be complaining right about now saying that Pinterest is not working.

We are trying to get answers right now, and as soon as we do we will notify you. When you try to login into Pinterest you will get a message box appear onscreen, one said “Whoops! Couldn’t connect. You must authorize Pinterest.” Another message said “Something went wrong on our end. Sorry about that.”

It does not matter if you try to login into Pinterest with an email and password, or by using your Facebook or Twitter login to Authorize the app – these will not work.

Are you having problems accessing Pinterest at the moment? If anyone has any information please do let is know, we know that there is a technical issue but not sure what it is.

UPDATE: Pinterest is back up and running again, it was just a mere maintenance check. Please let us know if Pinterest is working for you?

Pinterest is down, outage stops login

  • karen

    Back up for me!

  • Jessica

    Same for me!

  • Danielle

    Though the update mentions it’s fine again I still get this message at times: ‘Couldn’t connect. You must authorise Pinterest.’

    I love Pinterest – I would be distraught if I couldn’t use it :'(

  • Dannyhip

    I still get the message come up when i try to login with facebook saying “Couldn’t connect. You must authorize Pinterest.” i have addblock plus on google chrome but even when i remove it i still get the message. Help anyone???? x