James Arthur vs Frankie Boyle and Twitter world

There is always a Twitter feud with celebrities, and the most recent was between James Arthur and Frankie Boyle. It all kicked off when X Factor winner James Arthur used homophobic lyrics using words like queer in his song.

The Twitter banter boiled up when outspoken comedian Frankie Boyle insulted James Arthur and his lack of education.
The tweets went on, Boyle tweeted @JamesArthur23 Who is this? And Arthur replied with “@frankieboyle it’s one of the many demons in your mind telling you to insult everybody in the hope of feeling somewhat important. I Luv u x

Other tweets said:
@frankieboyle I was just thinking how handsome you look in yours.. I mean if I was a girl id really want you.

@JamesArthur23 Well you look like a post-op Miley Cyrus, so why not get it on? Oh, that’s right, because of your rampant homophobia.

@JamesArthur23 Sorry, I beef with playas only. I’ll leave you to the battle rap scene & getting hit so hard your teeth go normal.

JamesArthur23 Nb; Battle raps usually rhyme. Try it. Eg. Arthur goes with carcrash/disaster/ classless arsehole and even “gay hate slur”.

@frankieboyle You are a 38 yr old man what are you doing? You know nothing about music and comedy it seems.. I feel sorry for your kids.

@JamesArthur23 I feel sorry for them too, because they’ll have to watch you in panto next year

After all the above went on James Arthur tweeted to his fans saying he was coming of Twitter for good and HQ will be tweeting on his behalf. Arthur did apologise for his offensive rap track he recorded and posted online after saying ‘f*****g queer’.

All of this started when rapper Micky Worthless did a diss track about James Arthur saying, ‘Stay In Your Lane, James’. Then James Arthur hit back with his own homophobic attack on Worthless, Arthurs words in the track said, “You f***ing queer. Hilarious, precarious you Talibani confused, imbellic mimic of a gimmick.”

The Impossible singer was criticised by Lucy Spraggan and Matt Lucas, the James Arthur track has since been removed. He said that the term ‘f**king queer’ was not a reference to being gay.

Here are other Tweets after all the above:

Are you upset with what James Arthur said?

James Arthur vs Frankie Boyle and Twitter world