New online Facebook app to grieve lost ones

There is a brand new online Facebook app called Sanctri by Jono Milner that allows the dead to live on, so many lost ones have a Facebook account still running but many believe it is wrong to send RIP messages on their personal wall.

Sanctri allows users to create memorial pages, some believe that putting RIP and other memorial messages on the person that died personal Facebook wall where there are funny photos and status messages is not right.

This is a new great way for those that are grieving the loss of a loved one, using social media is a medium many will love. The Sanctri online app creates a new private Facebook page that can be moderated and controlled by the pages creator; this can also be seen and/or modified by anyone or just a specific group of people.

Facebook do allow users to submit a “memorialization request”, this basically turns the Facebook account of the deceased into a memorial page. This is not the best option because mistakes can happen and will not allow the instant need to grieve that most people require when they lose a loved one.

Would you rather use your loved ones Facebook wall to send RIP messages and condolences, or do you think the new Sanctri app is a good idea?

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New online Facebook app to grieve lost ones