Hannah Barrett X Factor Twitter abuse need not happen

Hannah Barrett from X Factor received racist comments on Twitter last week, and the abuse taunted the singer because of her skin color. This does not need to happen, and the X Factor singer could stamp this out herself.

The contestant was voted out by the judges this weekend after the public voted both Hannah Barrett and Rough Copy in the bottom two, they had their sing-offs and she was sent home by Louis Walsh, he said “They remember all their words. They sing with their hearts and their souls. I don’t want to send anyone home, but I’m sending Hannah home.”

Last week Hannah Barrett got a lot of racist abuse on Twitter since she has appeared on the ITV show, she said to Reveal magazine that the remarks on Twitter were about her skin color and that she is too dark to be a singer, she said that it is sad because the abuse came from black people who have lighter skin than her.

You are always going to get lovers and haters out there, some will praise you and some will be highly jealous. OSM has to say that Hannah Barrett is an amazing singer and it was a shame that she left the show, we are not going to judge on who are better singers and all that but we do know she has one amazing voice and the weekend decision was a wrong one.

Going back to the racist tweets on Twitter: The singer did say “I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ I know they are talking rubbish,” maybe Hannah should just delete her Twitter account and follow in Daniel Radcliffe’s footsteps, he does not have Twitter or Facebook. If you want to be noticed you will get noticed if you use social networks, it is a known fact you will get trolls.

Here are a couple of Tweets from Hannah Barrett – Do you think it was the right decision for her to leave X Factor?

Hannah Barrett X Factor Twitter abuse need not happen