Google Plus Hangouts, photos update gets more creative

The new Google Plus Hangouts update was recently released, and these gave users GIFs, SMS and location sharing to the Hangouts app. The Google Plus Hangouts can also be scheduled on Air so that they can be promoted in advance with a dedicated watch page, please do read on for more information.

Google started to roll its new updates for its Hangouts; some of these include SMS, location sharing and even GIF images. The update also added a new feature to video calling, which apparently fixes and enhances lighting automatically.

There are over 540 million active Google Plus users, which includes logins through Gmail and you can imagine how many photos get uploaded on a daily basis, 300 million are monthly active Google Plus users. Google VP Vic Gundotra said that around 1.5 billion photos are uploaded per week.

So many new features are slowly happening, the Hangouts can now be viewed in full-screen HD for all devices, along with creative tools to focus or change the video view.

There is a new Google Plus photos feature, which is the new Auto Awesome Erase tool, this takes away objects or other people you do not want in the photo. This is great if you take a picture and there are strangers in the background, means you can erase the.

What new features have you found in Google Plus that you love the most?

Google Plus Hangouts update gets more creative