Google Plus, Gmail automated replies via patent system

So, you have Google Plus and you update it on a daily basis with a few days not being able to reply to messages etc. The days you are unable to get on to social media sites means you do not reply to those days messages until later in the day or the next day.

This could all possibly change if a new Google patent gets approved; the new patent teaches itself on how to react to a new message on social media.

The patent itself does not mention Google Plus, but this would work well on this social media site. It could be some sort of robot that writes personalised reactions when you are not available, it will determine what it writes based on your social history, and it does all this without your help.

The BBC reports that the patent allows the writing of every response individually as well as clicking buttons such as “like” or forward messages, then the software would generate suggested responses, which a person could simply agree to be posted on their behalf. In simple terms it is a new semi-automated service that saves you the trouble of being there 24/7, we cannot keep up with social media all the time and it is a great idea to let automated replies via a patent system take over now and then.

This service could be great for both Google Plus and Gmail; if the user is not available the new system could send them an automated message. Welcome to a new way of automatic replies to social media sites, Gmail, SMS/MMS systems, micro blogging systems and much more.

For more information please do read the full Google patent here. Would you welcome the new Google Plus, Gmail automated replies?

Google Plus automated replies via patent system